Rough Gunner was formed to bring together two of the most fundamental aspects of warfighting: Physical Fitness and Marksmanship.

Many veteran and civilian gun enthusiasts compete in marathons, obstacle courses and shooting matches to gauge their physical fitness and shooting prowess against some of the best in the world. Rough Gunner brings the two together. A rigorous one-mile obstacle course with multiple pistol and rifle shooting stations tests the balance between speed and accuracy over a longer period than most competitions.

The course features multiple obstacles that require crawling, climbing, jumping, dragging and lifting. Each obstacle is placed at specific locations to test a runner’s strength and stamina in a warfighting scenario. Think of it this way: If you had to grab your weapons and kit in an emergency, would it be ready for a battle? Would you be ready for battle?

All participants will receive a t-shirt. Top 5 participants receive a hat and the first-place winner receives a Rough Gunner winner’s trophy. That’s right! Not everyone gets a trophy. This isn’t youth soccer! Scoring is based on total time minus penalties for missed shots, failure to complete obstacles, shooting wrong targets, etc. Fastest net time wins.