Wear clothes and a kit that you would think to wear in a combat situation. We recommend wearing a rig that allows you to move freely while also securely carrying the magazines that you will need on the course.

You will need one pistol and one rifle (carbine recommended).


  • Semi-autos only
  • No magnum Calibers
  • Minimum of 3 magazines
  • .380, 9mm, .40, .45 recommended


  • AR or AK platforms recommended
  • Minimum magazine capacity of 10 rounds
  • Maximum magazine capacity of 30 rounds
  • Minimum of 3 magazines
  • .223/5.56, .300 AAC Blackout, 7.62 x 39 recommended

You will need a minimum of 50 rounds of pistol ammunition and 60 rounds of rifle ammunition.

  • Pistol targets will be between 7 and 40 yards
  • Rifle targets will be between 50 and 100 yards

The course is roughly one mile long from start to finish depending on terrain. The course will be no shorter than 8/10 of a mile and no longer than 1.2 miles.

The obstacles presented at each course may differ, but they will include climbing obstacles, crawling obstacles, jumping obstacles, dragging obstacles and carrying obstacles.

If you train for a one-mile run, you will complete this course. But, the trick will be slowing down your heart rate enough to place accurate shots on targets.

Other obstacles courses are made to physically exhaust you. While Rough Gunner does not look to bring you to exhaustion with its obstacles, it will be up to the runner to keep a pace fast enough to compete with their peers and shoot accurately enough to not lose too many points. In competition, this is a difficult balance similar to that of a biathlon.

For the most part this is a “Run what you brung” competition with a few parameters.

  • Optics are allowed on both pistols and rifles
  • No magnification on pistols
  • No magnification greater than 4 power allowed on rifles

Ammunition will be available for purchase the day of the competition. Calibers outside of the standard calibers listed for this competition will not be available.

Food will be available for purchase as well as drinks other than the post-race Gatorade/water given to contestants.

The minimum age for a competitor is the age to own or possess a pistol in the state in which the competition is run.

Total time is taken from the course. Each miss is counted at the shooting stages with a +5 second penalty per miss. Penalties are added to the overall time. The runner with the lowest overall time wins.